What is Local 880 all about? Great question. Especially since you may have never belonged to an organization like ours. Local 880 is a labor union which, according to the dictionary, is a “grouping of independent individuals for some common purpose.” That may be the correct definition, but it doesn’t tell you what we are all about and why becoming a member is an important event – for you and our union.

In reality, Local 880 is people. Men and women of all ages, races and backgrounds doing dozens of jobs in industry ranging from retail to manufacturing to health care. We’re people who, despite our differences, are united in a common goal – helping each other enjoy the good things life in America offers by achieving dignity and fairness in the workplace and in society as a whole.

Now let’s look at the many ways Local 880 goes about accomplishing this mission.

Your Contract
As a member of Local 880 you are protected by a contract that is the product of collective bargaining between your union and employer. It sets out the wages and benefits you will earn, outlines your working conditions, establishes a grievance procedure and addresses many other issues that will affect you on the job. It has been negotiated in good faith to both ensure you are treated with dignity and respect by your employer and to serve as a framework for solving problems that may, from time to time, arise in the workplace. In short, it’s a “Blueprint for a good job.”

Does the collective bargaining process work? The answer is a resounding “YES!” Thanks to decades of successful negotiations, our members earn the highest wages and benefits in their industries. They enjoy good, safe working conditions and, on the rare occasions when a dispute or misunderstanding does occur between employee and employer, it is resolved through the use of a grievance procedure that guarantees you a fair hearing without fear of intimidation or retaliation. As a result, Local 880 members are among the most satisfied and productive working men and women in the United States.

We urge you to read and become become familiar with your contract. By doing so, you will not only come to understand your rights on the job, you will also be able to tell us how we can make the contract better. Because Local 880 is a democratic union we value your input and ideas.

Along with officials from Local 880, your co-workers sit at the bargaining table with your employer and negotiate a contract that must be approved by your brother and sister members before it goes into effect.

Your shop steward or union representative will be glad to answer any questions about your contract or the collective bargaining process.  For a complete listing of these individuals, click on the LEADERSHIP link at the top of the page, of just go HERE.