On behalf of the officers, members and staff of Local 880, I want to welcome you to our union.

Local 880 is an aggressive, modern organization built on a proud, democratic tradition.

Our union was formed over 80 years ago by brave men and women who demanded an end to 70 and 80 hour work weeks at slave wages.

From neighborhood grocery stores to butcher shops to ice cold meat packing plants, they sought only dignity and justice in the workplace - fair wage for a fair day's work. Nothing more. Nothing less.

During the decades since, generation after generation, contract by contract, worker by worker, they built a union strong enough to win the outstanding wages, benefits, and working conditions our members enjoy today. As you take your place in our union, you inherit everything these pioneers have won for us, along with the responsibility to continue the struggle begun so long ago.

It's a challenge I urge you to accept because our union needs energetic, motivated men and women now more than ever before. Working together we can pass on to the members of the future a Local 880 every bit as proud powerful as the one you join today.

I also want you to know that Local 880 and your employer are not enemies. Our relationship is based on mutual respect. Both parties know the other has an important job to do. Ours is to faithfully represent you to the best of our ability. The employer's is to operate a profitable business that provides our members with the opportunity to work and earn a decent living. When both sides do their jobs well we all prosper.

Again, welcome to the 21,000-member-strong Local 880 online family. Contact us at once should you have any questions or comments. 

Carl Ivka